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The Best Vienna Dishes to Try

The Best Vienna Dishes You Need to Try!

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Get a true taste of the Austrian capital with our guide to the best Vienna dishes you definitely should try while you’re in town!

The Austrian capital’s known for a lot of things – music, history, culture – and their culinary scene certainly ranks up there too. From meaty dishes to delicious desserts, these are the best Vienna dishes you should make a priority when you’re in town.

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Leave room for dessert – Apfelstrudel is a dessert that can’t be missed while in the capital. Served everywhere Austrian food can be found, this flaky pastry is filled with layers of warm, caramelised apples. Served with a generous scoop of ice cream or hot vanilla sauce, it’s the perfect way to end a meal on a high note. Be sure to head down to the imperial bakery at Café Residenz to watch the professionals whip up this traditional dessert and enjoy a taste after!

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Wiener Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel is probably one of Austria’s most famous culinary exports, crossing over into Germany and all over the world as a meaty staple of its traditional food scene. The most popular variation of this breaded cutlet is veal, however chicken and pork also make frequent appearances. Nearly every casual restaurant in town will have their own version of a Wiener Schnitzel, so you won’t have to look too far.


These thin pancakes actually hail from Hungary but have since become an Austrian dessert staple, served with jam, chocolate sauce or ice cream. Similar to crepes in appearance, they sometimes come served rolled and you’ll also be able to find savoury variations here and there.

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This meaty dish will really hit the spot. Made by boiling a beef shank in hearty vegetable broth, it’s slow cooked for a while until the tender meat practically falls apart in your mouth. Order it with roast potatoes, creamed spinach or vegetables, as well as sides of chive sauce and horse radish with apple.


Another pancake-esque dish on the list, Kaiserschmarrn is made up of a thick sweet doughy disc chopped into bite-sized chunks and is a popular dessert. Kaiser means emperor and its royal name derives from Emperor Franz Joseph, who was renowned for loving the dish. Sprinkled with fruit, applesauce, nuts and raisins, it’s no surprise that it’s still a hit.


This part of Europe knows its wurst well and these cheese-filled smoked sausages are amongst some of the best. They can be bought easily at any of the sausage stands around the capital and generally come served  either in a bun or sliced with mustard and brown bread. Try them with mustard and a frothy glass of Austrian beer – you’ll practically be a local.


This decadent cake is the queen of chocolate treats in Vienna. Developed ages ago Franz Sacher in the 1832, it’s renowned worldwide for its dense chocolate texture as well as the unexpected tang of fruit jam hidden amidst its layers. While it’s a total delight, it’s a massive challenge trying to get through more than just one slice due to how rich it is.