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Top 10 Things to do in Vienna – with the kids!

March 16, 2015 12:22 pm by

Vienna is an up and coming city to visit for 2015 but aside from it being one of the richest cultural hubs for adults, don’t forget the kids – there is plenty to keep them entertained. So why not, you may as wellu bring your family on holiday with you.

The kids would love this old Imperial city, and here’s why…

1. Schönbrunn Zoo

Deemed to be the world’s oldest zoo, Schönbrunn Zoo is one of the best places to go with the family. It’s packed with fascinating species and some of the animal kingdom’s top predators so it promises to be an education at the very least. Take your kids around Polar World, Rainforest House and along the Nature Trail to get them in touch with these furry creatures. If you call in advance you can try and schedule your visit to coincide with some shows and feeds to make it even more interactive.

2. Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum in Schönbrunn is another great museum to take the kids to – and it’s what it says on the tin. This museum takes a look back in time at Empress Maria Theresia and her sixteen (!) children who lived in Schönbrunn 300 years ago. Thanks to the size, Schönbrunn could cope with such a brood and kids today can walk through the corridors and rooms once inhabited by the mini Habsburgs and imagine life as an Imperial prince or princess! You can even learn about the popular games they would have played to keep themselves entertained too.

3. Prater Amusement Park

Prater Amusement Park is Vienna’s only fun fair and is open March – October, to entertain the masses! It’s a great place for both kids and adults and you can spend a whole day on the rides, enjoying a picnic and walking around the green park. With over 250 attractions to try – with the most iconic being Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel – it’s also home to Madame Tussauds, a Bunjee Jump and the world’s largest chair-o-plane at 117ms tall. Not one to go on if you have vertigo!

4. Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel

The Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel is one of the most recognisable landmarks on Vienna’s horizon. Dating back to 1896, it was in fact built by a British engineer, Walter Basset, who built similar wheels all around the world from London to Chicago and Paris. The Wheel of History will give you an insight into Vienna’s past and you can learn about the key milestones over the centuries. At nearly 65m high you can enjoy stunning panoramas around Vienna as you enjoy a round-trip on the iconic monument.

5. Open Top bus Tour

Who doesn’t love an open top bus tour? It’s almost like an unspoken rule when you’re on holiday. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s a great way to see all the site without having to cover all the miles – a blessing with young kids! With five different lines to choose from, between the iconic Vienna route, to the imperial and historical route; there’s something for everyone. What’s more is there’s a running commentary so you can learn fun facts about the city and hop off if you want to go for an explore.

6. Museum of Technology

Get your kids clued up on the evolution of technology in the museum dedicated solely to technological advancements, the Museum of Technology. Neighbouring Schönbrunn Palace, it’s a great museum to inspire children and teach them about locomotion, automobiles, science and they can even get stuck into their very own mini mobile kids area. It’s a fascinating museum and one packed full of great exhibits.

7. Museum of Natural History

Stepping back in time even further, the Museum of Natural History is a fascinating museum for any curious kids. As one of the most popular museums in Vienna both for its cultural offering and for its broad appeal to both old and young, we urge you to take the family as you can’t help but enjoy your visit. Displaying the world’s largest collection of meteorites, it also exhibits huge models of dinosaur skeletons – including a Pteranodon with a wingspan of 7m! Pretty cool…

8. Children’s Studio at Leopold Museum

Leopold Museum may be one of the best art galleries in Vienna, but don’t rule it out if you have kids – it’s definitely not adults only! Every Sunday at Leopold Museum from 2pm – 5pm the Children’s Studio gets the kids involved with the iconic pieces displayed throughout the gallery. The sessions start after a guided tour around the gallery telling of the tales and secrets behind some of the gallery’s key works of art. Next, the kids will be able to create their own versions of the iconic pieces using their own imagination and inspiration.

9. Schönbrunn Maze & Labyrinth

A great one for the warmer months, Schönbrunn promises unlimited fun from the Children’s Museum to the Maze and Labyrinth, two of the most famous features of the imperial estate. The maze is based on the original historical maze that was built at the turn of the 1700s. Now, you can wind your way around the head-scratching hedgerows, still none the wiser! Once you’ve conquered the maze you must try the labyrinth which is a great place for kids. Full of games and interactive activities like climbing frames and a giant kaleidoscope, they’ll be entertained for hours!

10. Schloss Hof Petting Zoo

Whose doesn’t love animals? Noone! Vienna’s petting zoo at Schloss Hof is a must-do with the family. Get your kids learning about farmyard animals, such as goats, ponies and other friendly creatures. It’s a lovely day out from the city centre as it’s an hour’s drive from Vienna, but you can get to it on the new Grey Line on the Hop On Hop Off bus tours – easy!

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